We support our students to develop a love of learning and achieve to the best of their ability


Teaching, Learning and Innovation at BIS-Halmstad places design and computational thinking, cutting-edge robotics, coding and digital influences at the core of all learning experiences.

STEAM Clubs are a powerful and enjoyable way to engage our students with science, technology, engineering , arts and mathematics inside and outside the school.

We have a responsibility to help students manage and engage with their digital world appropriately. 

We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s Education

BIS-Halmstad STEAM Clubs

Student Life at the BIS-Halmstad

Life at the BIS-Halmstad is so much more than our classrooms. Our wide range of clubs, groups and activities – both during and after school – offer students the chance to extend and enrich their interests, as well as providing opportunities for personal development.